Your Interpreter | Biz Assistant | Car Driver in Wenzhou

Need an interpreter, quality inspector, business assistant or car driver in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province? Fisher offers exactly what you are looking for. Now, he would like to give a brief introduction to himself and his services.

Who is Fisher?

Hello, everyone. My name is Fisher Zheng, a young man born and living in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

I was once a translator after my graduation from college. Though tiring, the translation work indeed has brought me a lot, say, a good understanding of language, an extensive knowledge of different subjects. However, I thought I needed something new and challenging after being a translator for nearly 3 years. Then, I started this website China Wenzhou Guide in 2007 and also began to work as an interpreter and business assistant for foreign visitors in Wenzhou and surrounding areas, mainly foreign businessmen.

I would like to say it is a fascinating and exciting job and I really enjoy it. You know, I can meet people from different places and cultures of the world, talk with them and assist them in their jobs in this city. Also, working with people from different industries provides me great opportunities to learn about different businesses and get to know more about Wenzhou. Up to now, I have worked with people from a dozen of countries and gained great experience in most businesses in Wenzhou. I hope I can have more chances to bring my knowledge and experience to your visit to Wenzhou.

What can Fisher do for you?

I can work as your interpreter, quality inspector, business assistant and car driver in Wenzhou and neighboring areas to provide interpretation, car service, hotel reservation, airport pickup, quality inspection and buying services for your visit and business.

Generally, my services are based in Wenzhou. Also, I can work for you in some neighboring areas like Qingtian, Lishui, Yiwu, Ningbo, Jinhua and Yongkang etc, as some of my customers once required.

What are Fisher's strengths?

Φ Fluent English to bridge the gap in your communication with suppliers

Φ 10 years' experience in sourcing local suppliers for foreign buyers

Φ Hundreds of local manufacturers visited during the work with foreign clients

Φ Good knowledge of local manufacture as well as export and shipping issues

Φ Excellent scheduling of your visits to make your trip more productive

I do not want to boast myself as someone who never makes mistakes. However, I would like you to refer to some testimonials from my partners. They will tell you their experiences when working with me. You can also drop them a call or a mail to get their feedback on my services. Please refer to some Testimonials for Fisher's Services from my clients!

How much does Fisher charge?

 Φ Full-Package Local Biz Services: USD 200 per Day, including

    • Sourcing | Interpretation | Chauffeur | Airport Transfer | Visit Scheduling

    • Car for service: BMW X1 or VW TIGUAN or VW BEETLE

 Φ General Inspection: USD 150 per day

 Φ Buying Agent: Fees to be agreed

Contact Fisher Now!

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   |   Skype: wenzhouguide    |   Mobile: 086+13857767281

Fisher as a Volunteer

fisher volunteer

To those who have adopted a child from Wenzhou, China,

If you have adopted a child from Wenzhou and plan to visit Wenzhou with him / her, Fisher will be more than happy to help arrange your visit and offer tour guide services free of charge.

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